mandag den 6. marts 2017

Don't be to proud...

Pride, what is it?

I think pride can be defined in many ways, depending on the situation... A family can be proud of each other - a positive kind of pride.
My thoughts today have been:

Can independence be a kind of pride?

Seen from the outside, independence is considered to be a virtue, can it actually be the opposite? When our self-confidence and faith in ourselves is so great that in our quest to fend for ourselves, excludes others, and being blinded to the fact that we need help - is it not pride? Pride, the negative kind, leads us not forward. Perhaps today is a good day to look honestly at ourselves - are we where we really want to be? Only we can answer that question.


I tried something - and it worked.I have seen many places on youtube, how to make an effect with an spritzer. Then today, at the kitchen sink, while washing my stencil, I thought: How about that I take a babywipe and drag it across the stencil, while the stencil is still upon the paper... so I tried... and this is the result.

1. I wanted an old look, so I inked my white basecard with Distress Ink: Old paper & Vintage photo
2. I placed my stencil on top, and colored with Stampin' Up colors: Wisteria wonder, Dafodil delight and Cajun Craze
3. Useing a babywipe I removed the ink, and while doing that, the moist from the babywipe touched the ink, and softend it.
4. This is the final result!

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