søndag den 5. marts 2017

My Testimony

Sometime a song can say,
what your heart holds -
but your lips can not say!

My Testimony

Sometimes the pain is so great, that it's hard to see the road ahead. When the pain is big, I only have one place to turn, beside my husbond, and that is to my Savior. 

Lars, We know LOVE is everything. We know that LOVE binds us together. Thank you, my love, for the many years we´ve had so far - and for the many years ahead. You have always been my rock - now, let me be that for you.

I belive and trust my Redemer; and because I do that, I also have to trust in His timeplan for me. I believe that what I go trough in live, will prepare me to return to Him: my Creator, My Savior, My Redemer and Friend, Jesus Christ.

My faith does not make the pain of trails less painfull, but my faith gives me hope and makes the journey worthwhile. I know that the blessings that awaits, will more than outweigh what seems so hard right now. 

There is a Hymn, I love the English lyric of.
When I sing or listen to it, it 
helps me trough the rough seas my love and I are sailing right now.

Sometime We'll Understand
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Not now, but in the coming years,

It may be in the better land,
We’ll read the meaning of our tears,
And there, sometime, we’ll understand.


Then trust in God through all the days;
Fear not, for He doth hold thy hand;
Though dark thy way, still sing and praise,
Sometime, sometime we’ll understand.

We’ll catch the broken thread again,
And finish what we here began;
Heav’n will the mysteries explain,
And then, ah then, we’ll understand.

We’ll know why clouds instead of sun
Were over many a cherished plan;
Why song has ceased when scarce begun;
Tis there, sometime, we’ll understand.

Why what we long for most of all,
Eludes so oft our eager hand;
Why hopes are crushed and castles fall
,Up there, sometime, we’ll understand.

God knows the way, He holds the key,
He guides us with unerring hand;
Sometime with tearless eyes we’ll see;
Yes, there, up there, we’ll understand.

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