tirsdag den 25. april 2017

Random stuff...

Do you know the feeling that comes when you have to wait and wait?
A Danish saying goes: Everything good comes to the one who waits long enough.
Now it's official, my oldest daughter has started making cards, etc. We really enjoy ourselves - sometimes we sit all night in the middle of a project, and it's hard to mobilize the strength to go to bed.

The waiting is over - I have someone to share my interest with.
Here are some cards I have not shown before. They're not all great - I'm still a "newbie!"

On the 24th each month, I make a Christmas card.
 This tradition begang at OSH www-operationskrivhjem.dk

I'm trying to learn to make background paper...

And oldie from last year - I just had to make some more

This is prove that I do make other things than cards
 I love to bake, so to day I made 3 loaf of white bread.

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