torsdag den 4. maj 2017

Why not choose a new and better way?

Why is it hard to act in a new or different way?

As a child, I was exposed to some things that definitely shaped me, to what I am today. 

My thoughts the last few days have wandred back and forth about that, and a this thought came to me: 

Why are we hanging on to the things we have learned - which may not be good for us?
Why is it hard to change the way we think and act, if we know there's a better way?

Once it might have been a way to survive, or sometimes the only way to make sence of all the mess around you - BUT: today I am grown - and should be able to act more purposefully. Why then hang on in childhood experiences? 

Life must be lived, and we learn from good and bad experiences, even how to act around good and not so good people. However, it is not always we sort in our experiences as adults, and throw those away that does not work for us, or even still in some ways, ruin us.
Experiences that came our way and shaped us to those we are: Why let them stay, and be part of our lives? Perhaps even give them power over us? 

Finally, I have chosen to reach out for help. It is a decision that has not been easy. Family and a couple of good friends have pushed me in the right direction for a long time, thay never gave up on me. They have been by my side, until I was ready to look some heavy demons in the eyes.

I feel so blessed that they who never gave up on me, but loved me and accepted me for who I am. They saw more in me, than I did myself. Thank you all.


Some new cards:

These cards were made, using Stampin' Up stamp set: Avant Garden.

I made 12 of these small wrap a-round for post-it-notes 
The flower stamp are Stampin' Up Petite Petals

Mads is playing with Aunt Kamilla

Nearly 2 years old...

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