søndag den 17. juni 2018

We all have something to give.

I wholeheartedly believe that ALL has something to offer in this world. We can not afford to opt out of groups because they do not live up to some "value" that society has decided to b right.

In our family we know this to be true.
Our oldest daughter, Kamilla, was born in January 1989. We knew very soon that something was wrong, just not what it was. Soon it was very clear that she did not respond to nighter a teaching - or play time situation like her siblings did. We had to do something. We had to think out of the box.

We had problems at kindergarden and at church: She did not like big groups of children. At the time, there were not much more than teaching manuals available in Denmark.
Now we had a problem - or challenge as we called it, on 2 sides: both at kindergarten and at church.
Very soon we discovered that Kamilla liked pictures and colors. It helped her to quiet down, to relax. We knew, we had to focus on that in our teaching.
I began to search the internet. I felt so  blessed the day I found "Finch Family Games".
I contacted Karen Finch and told her about our daughter, and about the shortage of visual teaching aids in Denmark - in Danish. 

Karen Finch then granted me permission to translate her books, and distribute them in the Church and among church members. 
The only requirements she demanded was, that I only distributed the books I translated, and not the English version, and that I did profit from it. What a blessed deal. I hope Karen Finch will forever be blessed for her selfless action. Because of her, I had the opportunity to translate 28 books. This brings me back to the topic of this post: Everyone has something to give in the world. Since our daughter Kamilla was autistic, we had to be creative in a new and different way. Because of Kamilla, 28 books were translated. I would never have done this project, if it was not because of Kamilla. Because of Kamilla, many children in the church in Denmark began to benefit from the use of visual aids. (There's much VA to day - To day is much more different than 29 years ago.) Kamilla has blessed the life of many people - because of her disability. Do not deselect what you do not understand and which is strange to you.
Instead, See it as a gift - an opportunity to learn and grow as a human being.

This post has been written with Kamilla's acceptance and approval

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