torsdag den 25. juli 2019

Summer is here!

It's summer, and it's incredibly hot. It's hard to do anything without the sweat running down the face and back. 
So what are you doing? 
I do indexing at 
I'm also makeing cards for
Beware of yourself in the summer weather: Remember to drink water in ample quantity.

I don't know why some of the cards looks like they are bended - they're not!

Stampin Up "In the Meadow"

Card # 1: Stampin Up misc. products
Card # 2: Stampin Up "Lots of lavender"

Stampin Up "Over the moon"

Card #3: Stampin Up "Home to Roost"

Stampin Up "Back on your feet"

Stampin Up "Wildly happy"

Card 1+2: Stampin Up "Wildly happy"
Card 3: "Dragonfly dreams"

Card #1: Stampin Up "Very vintage"
Card #2: Stampin Up: Nature sings"

Card #1: Magnolia "Siblings"
Card #2: Magnolia "Tilda gone fishing"

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