mandag den 7. november 2016

What makes a great Christmas

Is it sitting alone or being with just your family - or maybe invite as many as possibly. 
I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this question. It may vary from tradition or family to family - or even country to country. I think it is important to look around and see if there is someone feeling lonely - or even forgotten. Can we open our heart and home for them? 
The Christmas message for me is about LOVE. 
Christ, our King, was born in a manger. I think there is a symbol in that: None of us, is above another. Love has no boundry, we must love everyone.
Christmas is not just one evening - it is all year round.

At Beccys place, the challange to day, is "For something a little bit different, try using part of a stamp, allowing some of the design to extend off the page. " 

This was again a difficult challenge. I pondered for a long time, which stamp I could use - until my thoughts began to revolve around my son Jimmy, who now lives in England. He just started a new job. Will he have to work at Christmas? Does he come home and celebrate Christmas with us? From these thoughts, the card was born: I'll be home for Christmas.     

I'll be home for Christmas - Michael Buble'