tirsdag den 25. april 2017

Random stuff...

Do you know the feeling that comes when you have to wait and wait?
A Danish saying goes: Everything good comes to the one who waits long enough.
Now it's official, my oldest daughter has started making cards, etc. We really enjoy ourselves - sometimes we sit all night in the middle of a project, and it's hard to mobilize the strength to go to bed.

The waiting is over - I have someone to share my interest with.
Here are some cards I have not shown before. They're not all great - I'm still a "newbie!"

On the 24th each month, I make a Christmas card.
 This tradition begang at OSH www-operationskrivhjem.dk

I'm trying to learn to make background paper...

And oldie from last year - I just had to make some more

This is prove that I do make other things than cards
 I love to bake, so to day I made 3 loaf of white bread.

lørdag den 22. april 2017

A new endeaver

Sometimes it's good to be challenged.Thursday night I attended a meeting held by rhe Housing Association in which we live.Among other things was the election of a new board member... yes, I was suggested and opted for 2 years. I am excited to learn everything about this "job".The question is now, can I do it well - or will I fail.I will give it all I can, I will be open to learn and I'll be listening.

søndag den 16. april 2017

Happy Easter

Do you want to listen to some great music? Here's Music and the the Spoken Word, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They perform the music from The Messiah! Listen, and remember our Savior Jesus Christ, and the gift He gave us this day: That we all can live again, and return to our Father in Heaven!

There They Laid Jesus

A few new cards for www.operationskrivhjem.dk . I'm not happy with all of them... but here comes:


When my grandson comes for a visit - he goes straight to the craftroom!
"Hygge" in the craftroom. Mads ALWAYS want to play with my Big Shot. Oh yes, He knows how it works! He want to get out the dies too and go to play... Here he's haveing fun with his aunt Kamilla.

Even the best crafter has to take a nap.

torsdag den 13. april 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
One of my favorite Holydays. I think Christmas and Easter goes hand in hand. You wold not have one without the other.
I'm so grateful for our older brother Jesus Christ, his atonement and love for EACH of us. My hope is that we will all try to live our lifes more in His light and His love.
I found this picture from last week... Lars is playing with Mads on the floor in our kitchen/living room. Mads' favorite toys right now: Duplo, and lots of it!!!

Yet again... here's some cards I've made. All of them are made for www.operationskrivhjem.dk (OWH)

These 2 are small notebooks, I just decorated the front.

A Pixi book is attached to the back of the card. 

søndag den 9. april 2017

My dream trip!

Have you ever had someone ask you: 

Where you would go, if money was not a problem?

Well, www.heartfeltcreations.us asked that question on Facebook! Without hesitation, I wrote in the comments section: "Canada, BC. I have a cousin there, who I have never seen. It will be my dream trip".

Now, Why would I want to meet her and her family? Oh, it's a long story ....

As a little girl I saw 2 photos, one of my cousin Karen and one of my cousin Henry. Their father was my mother's brother, Niels.

Niels left home at an early age. He traveled many places, among others was a trip to Norway, where he stayed for a while.
I have an old yellowed newspaper clippings which tells how he shot a very big moose.

Niels came back from Norway, but soon he was traveling again - never to return to his native country, Denmark. He eventually settled in Canada, BC where he married Estella. Together they had Karen and Henry.

Every year my uncle Niels, would send a package home with treats to his parents. Treats from the big world - or so it seemed to us. We were very poor, and treats were heaven. We tasted things we had never tasted before, including apricots (can you believe that?). Another treat was Cocoa. I loved when gransmother took the powder out from the kitchen cabinet. She would boild some milch and put sucker and the presious cocoa-powder into the hot milch.

Well, time went by, and when my oncle died, Karen and I lost contact for many many years.

Oh blessed the day Karen and I found each other again. It is strange whi you can miss someone you have never meet, or even talk with.
When we reconneced, I saw a recent photo of Karen. My jaw dropped: it was like looking into the eyes and face of my beloved grandmother, Kamilla. Karen also looked very much like my mothers sister Edith.

The Rytter-family has always been known for particularly two things: Music and defending the weakest amongt us (fighting against injustice, specially toward children and the elderly, who often can't defend themself). Grandmother Kamilla always said, you may not be able to chance the world, but you can begin where you are - by the way you talk, act and respect others. If you don't speak out againt injustice - then you approve it!!!

Now, why do I tell you this about the Rytter family?Well, I'm proud to say, that my cousin, that I've never meet, and who have never meet our grandmother, are also a fighter. She and her husbond are fighting to preserve and educate others about the nature they live in - a nature we're all part of. Karen and her husbond Steve are also part of the Hesquiaht First Nation. So, isn't it obvious why I want to visit my cousin and her family?

If you have time, take a look at Karen and Steves website: http://www.hooksumschool.com/staff.html


A few cards I've made since the last update!


A new fun way to fold a card! The flowers fra from Stampin' Up! 


Nativity set, a digi stamp from Beccys place. I love the softness in the lines. Thank you Beccy for making such a great stamp. The greeting inside the card is from Stampin' Up!.

Embossing folder fra Tim Holtz and an embossed black butterfly.