onsdag den 20. januar 2016

A card is a card, right?

A card is a card - or so I thought until a 1½ ago! Now I have to deside if I want to make a swing card, a scallop card, a shoe card, a pyramide card or something totally different! My daughter, Grethe, showed me pinterest! It's a place that can be both a curse - or a blessing. A blessing because there's lot of inspiration - and a curse, because I can't diside what to make, and I don't know how to make all I choose.

Grethe and Mads stayed with us last weekend. Aske was not home, and Mads was not feeling well.
All Saturday it was only aunt Kamilla he wanted! He would only sit with her, play with her - and even only sleep in her arms.

We had a lot of help in the garden Saturday. Our brother-in-law Ove, came and chopped down the hedge, and some from church came over to help move the branches. We sure appriciate all the help we got. Even Samuel Nielsen (8 years) and Mads Kock (12 years) came to help. How can we feel other than blessed?

Half the branches...


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