tirsdag den 31. maj 2016


Have you tried to wait for something at a certain time and then suddenly, everything changed, and you can not do anything about it? I have recently. Not that it was something big, but it was something I had been looking forward to since January. I love control! When something happens that I can not control, I do not feel good at all. Yesterday came so I had been waiting for - a small package with a stamp in it. Imagine a small stamp can stir up so much emotion.
I came to think, how much I wonder I miss out on, because I prefer to have control of all things. 
Here, when I accepted that I could not do anything about the package came later than agreed, I began to look forward to when it would arrive. I started imagine all the cards I could make with the stamp. I began to search the web to see what others had done. I can honestly say that I appreciate the stamp more today because of the wait - than if I had got it right away.¨
Perhaps it is sometimes good to wait! Perhaps we need to wait to use the time to develop and see opportunities we would otherwise have missed.
Take a look. I now need to learn new techniques, I can't wait.

søndag den 29. maj 2016

Try something new!

Just call me old fashioned , but I think that the main task in life is not career and job , even if it is necessary, but rather be whole-hearted parents.
It is to create a safe environment for our small ones , so they can develop and grow up as whole human beings .
It is interesting to see small children embark on new adventures - they do not see limitations but opportunities. Maybe we could learn something from them.
Life is all about daring to try something new, take the opportunities that come our way . This applies to both old and young.

A few cards for OSH

My first try using Craft Robo on my own...

My son-in-law asked me if I could make a baby book for some relatives in Sweden.
I made 3, one for his father, grandfather and the family in Sweden.
This is then Mads' grandfather and great-grandparents.

Front cover - not done yet.

Gift tags

I'm still trying to find the right seize of gift tag.
This one is 2" x 3 3/4" (5cm x 9,5 cm)

torsdag den 26. maj 2016

May 25 + 26, 2016

May 25, 2016 I hope your day is as good as mine. I relax , sleep and get ready for our guests on Saturday. A former missionary from our church, his parents are visiting Denmark . Elder Jones meant a lot to us. We could laugh, be serious , sad and wonderfully wacky together. It will be great to meet his parents.

Cards for children with a pixibook on the back. (Operation Skriv Hjem)

May 26, 2016 What a wonderful day . Today , I took care of Mads, for the first time Mads without getting any pain - life is wonderful. I've looked forward to this day a very long time. We enjoyed ourselves just with little things , his toys , my scrap things - wonder if he becomes the next small crafter ?

mandag den 23. maj 2016

Just a small note

There's not much to tell to day, so I'll just show you a Christmas card I made for OSH (The Danish Operation Write Home). 
Each month on the 24th we make a Christmas card - or two...

I tried to make a pop-up card this time. It's not very good, but I'll show it anyway.
The pop-up cards came in a bag of 6 cards from Karen Marie Klip.

You can't tell, but there's small snowflakes on the base card.

Digi stamp is from The paper shelter

So, I really really didn't like the Christmas Card.
I made these 3 instead, and they're not pop-up cards!!!

søndag den 22. maj 2016

Climb every mountain part 2

Continuing from yesterday: 
To climb mountains - it need not be about setting goals. I think most would say it is about problems or challenges in life.
We are faced with many challenges right now: We need to get the house sold, Lars and my health is not good, where to stay, how can we cope, how will the future be ...
Yesterday, Saturday, we had to have some very heavy stones removed. Each stone weighed over 30 kg. There were many who came and helped us! Quickly all the stones were moved!Thanks to all who helped us, jet again.

Symbolically, we have many stone to be moved in our lives right now - and we are about to climb a high mountain. It is not easy and we get scrapes along the way, but we have family and friends who are rooting for us.
When we symbolically reaches the top of the mountain - we can enjoy the time ahead of us.

It is in difficult times you see who your friends are. They are the ones who do not leave you, when you need a helping hand. When we look around us, we see that we are surrounded by sincere friends and family. Our friendship - and family ties have been linked even closer. 

The card says:
To day, is the tomorrow
you dreamt of yesterday!

Next week, Lars and I may celebrate that we have been married for 31 years. He is my heart, my soul mate. I love him dearly. In Denmark we celebrate some wedding days in a special way . We put a triumphal arch around the frontdoor on these occasions. Family and friends are invited to a banquet. 
When a couple has been married for 12½ years , only half a triumphal arch are put up - there are still 12½ years to the silver wedding.

Here's a list of what we call the wedding days in Denmark. Those which are highlighted, are the wedding days we celebrated with a feast for family and friends.
0 år: Bryllup =Wedding
1 år: Papirbryllup = paper wedding
2 år: Bomuldsbryllup= cotton wedding
3 år: Læderbryllup= leather wedding
4 år: Blomsterbryllup eller Hyacintbryllup= flower wedding
5 år: Træbryllup= wood wedding
6 år: Sukkerbryllup= sucker wedding
7 år: Uldbryllup= wool wedding
8 år: Bronzebryllup= bronze wedding
9 år: Pilbryllup eller Stråbryllup= willow or straw wedding
10 år: Tinbryllup= tin wedding
11 år: Stålbryllup eller Ravbryllup= steel or amber wedding
12 år: Silkebryllup= silk wedding
12 1/2 år: Kobberbryllup= copper wedding
13 år: Kniplingsbryllup= lace wedding
14 år: Elfenbensbryllup= ivory wneddig
15 år: Krystalbryllup= crystal wedding
16 år: Månebryllup= moon wedding
17 år: Ametystbryllup= amethyst
18 år: Margueritbryllup= daisy wedding
19 år: Granatbryllup= grenade wedding
20 år: Porcelænsbryllup= porcelain wedding
21 år: Turkisbryllup=turquoise wedding
22 år: Alliancebryllup= alliance wedding
23 år: Tulipanbryllup= tulip wedding
24 år: Karatbryllup= karat wedding
25 år: Sølvbryllup= silver wedding
30 år: Perlebryllup= pearl wedding
35 år: Koralbryllup=coral wedding
40 år: Rubinbryllup= ruby wedding
45 år: Safirbryllup= sapphire wedding
50 år: Guldbryllup=gold wedding
55 år: Smaragdbryllup= emerald wedding
60 år: Diamantbryllup=diamant wedding
65 år: Krondiamantbryllup= crown diamond
70 år: Jernbryllup= iron wedding
75 år: Kronjuvelbryllup, Atombryllup eller Stålbryllup= crown jewel, atom wedding or steal wedding

lørdag den 21. maj 2016

Climb every mountain part 1

Life has been crazy - and oh so very blessed! I've had pain there has hardly been bearable and there have been people who came to look at our house, which is still for sale. Thanks to Karla and Elisabeth our house has been clean and shiny, every time someone came.

Our children have done our shopping, and more. Our son-in-law even came a few nights and made us dinner. What more could I want?

I've thought a lot of the text: Climb every mountain! and the centiment on the card below (that's why I made it): If you do not climb the mountain, you can not see the view over the valley!
Do I have to climb every mountain ? Why not be happy where I am ? Why seak something else?
When I was young teeanager I learned the value of setting goals . It is a habit hard to let go of, mainly because I believe in the concept. 

You could argue that in my circumstance it does not matter if I stop. I do not see it that way. 
I just have to adjust my goals, and perhaps discover new sides of myself .
Therefore, I would climb every mountain - see if I can improve myself .The view beyond vally is always breathtaking when you know you did your best - and you have fulfilled whatever goals or dreams you had.

As I get older , I've found that if I set a goal and are sincere about it - working to implement it in my daylig routine, and make it a part of myself , I enjoy so much more the yourney toward achieveing the goal .

The centiment says:
If you don't climb the mountain, you can not see the view over the valley!

My take on Christmas cards for Operationskrivhjem.dk this month.
I know it's not the 24th, but I hope it will count anyway!!!

Card to the left says: Thinking of you.

onsdag den 11. maj 2016

Monsters in our house!

We have had a viewing of the house. Finally something is happening. Come this weekend, another family will come looking at our house. Wednesday next week the first family, from last saturay, will come back to see the house a 2nd time . It is so exiting! I have made some children card to OSH . These have mini-books on the back. I think small children get more out of haveing a story read to them, than just see a card with a centiment. Not that there anything wrong with that, I make those cards too. With the next box of cards to OSH, I'll make 15 children cards with mini-books . Here's the card I've made to day. Well, I made 4 with the same story. Not many - but few are better than none, right?

Front to the left.Back to the right,

There is a woodbox in the livingroom.It is filled with toys - and Mads