lørdag den 30. april 2016

A little green dragon.

It's weekend, and to night we're babysitting our grandson Mads. We're looking forward to it, he's always so fun to be around.
To day will be spent cleaning, baking and shoe shopping. So there's not much time to make cards, but I did make a dragon card. The dragon is a freebie at Beccys place. Go see her blog -both the one with all the freebies and her store. She makes a lot of great digi stamps.

It is a tri-fold-card, here it's closed.

Here the card's opened.

fredag den 29. april 2016


I didn't do much yesterday, that is, beside laying down.
I had the injection in my knee - boy did it hurt. A jr. doctor (in training), tried to inject the medicine... it did not work out so well. The "boss" then showed her how to do it, she tried again - and it worked. Oh, yes, I did give permission, so she could try. They all have to learn, right?  A small injection - big difference!

So since I didn't make any card yesterday, I'll show you one of my favorite flowers.

The Edelwiess

When I was 9 years old, I sang Edelweiss. I have always loved that music and lyric.

Not many know this, but my husbond to be, gave me a broche, an Edelwiess, the day we had been engaged for 2 weeks. I love that broche.

There's some reasons why I like Edelweiss: It is small and yet it can stirr a lot of feelings in people.
When dry it's not even pretty, at least I don't think so. But, I keep being drawn to it. There's just something about it...

Are we also like Edelwiess? Some of us might feel small and unimportant. 
Though, like Edelwiess, we can still touch others, and bless their lives, by just being there, be an ear that listen, a helping hand - a friend.
If we do our best (and only we know what our best is ) , we find that those we are trying to help , will feel our sensireness & interest - our out streach hand , a hand of friendship!

onsdag den 27. april 2016

Hope, Peace & Joy!

Hi, I hope this day will find you full of hope, peace and joy.

Why hope, peace and joy? I guess, I project my own feelings towards you this day...

Hope - I hope the struggels we have, will work out for the best.
Hope - I hope I'll learn what I need to learn, as each day passes by, so I can become a better person.

Peace - in the knowledge that love will triump everything.
Peace - in heart, mind and soul, by knowing that all of us have a purpose in life.

Joy - I feel joy when I see my family grow, learn and become wonderful adults.
Joy - I rejoice in the fact that I have been married to my soulmate for nearly 31 years. That whenever I look at him, I know I can trust him and that I feel safe and loved.


Now, to something else: The weather is still teasing us... sun, rain and snow... 
What kind of card shall I make? Spring cards? Winter cards?
I could not deside, so I made both...

A little different Christmas card - not sure I like it though.

The wreath is make fra Stampin' Up caled: Wonderful wreath. I love that stamp set. I had to wait nearly one year before I got it. Then last year, my family gave it to my as my Christmas pressent.

mandag den 25. april 2016

Opposition in all things ...

It is common sense that there may be opposition in life - otherwise we would not learn anything.
I can not say that I have always appreciated being able to choose. From when I was quite young, I understood that I had the right to choose - my grandmother taught me. "When you get older, choose wisely what is best for you!". 
But what is best for me? You see, do I always appreciate my right to choose? If I do not choose - will others choose for me?
Why do I have thoughts about the right to choose just today?
Well, I've had a lot of pain today and felt really sorry for myself. Not a smart choice! Then I got a call from my daughter, who joyfully told me,that our grandson had said his first 2 words: Dygtig & ja (Clever and yes)
Suddenly, the world is beautiful again. I'm still in pain, but can see a purpose with life. What happened? I used my right to choose - to choose life!
Life must be lived for better or worse! Thank you for the right to choose!

Another card for operation write home

søndag den 24. april 2016

True friends - or weed!

Just some thoughts...

Beautiful flowers grow side by side with the weeds .If the weeds are not removed when there is not much of it , it will take over the garden, and you have to put a lot of work into removeing it - to have a garden , you will be happy with .

I have wondered if in life, friends can be the same.Some friends will lift you up! They are there for you when you need them - even friends you have not seen in a while.
Other friends - if they should be called friends at all - will put you down when ever they can. 
Ought they be in our life - or garden - at all ? Should we pull them up as with the weed, and go on without them in our lives?

I think true friends will lift you up and help you grow. In a polite way, even tell you when you walk on the wrong path of life. They will help you flourish, so you and people around them will be blessed by having up them in your live.

These cards are for operationskrivhjem.dk

 The stamps are from Stampin' Up.
The map's from google.

Also for operationskrivhjem.dk

The card says: Congratulations with this day.

Be joyful

It's April 24th. It is a special day to me. Not just because I'll be making a Christmas cards to Operation skriv hjem, as many others do every month on the 24th, no it's because it would have been my late sisters birthday.

My late sisters name was Ingelise. She was born on April 24th, 1961. She died March 1983.

She did not have an easy life. She was born with a hole in her heart. She had a big open heart surgery in 1970, as # 8 in Denmark to have that kind of operation. She kind of recovered, and it was not heart problems that took her in such a young age as 22, no, it was brain cancer. 

It was a difficult time for all of us. 

Six weeks later my grandmother died from cancer in her stomach. For years her life was devoted to my sister and I. She had always said: I just have to live long enough, to see how it goes with Lise (that's what we called my sister). 
Grandmother Kamilla went home from my sisters funeral, went to bed - and did not get up again. 
Oh, how our grandmother loved us all. She's my hero. I love her dearly.


So, it's spring - and I love spring. What is up with the weather? It's snowing!!!

torsdag den 21. april 2016

Help from family and good friends!

It has been a difficult day to day (April 21th). The day began with fun and laughter - but soon turned into pain and tears. Why? 
The phone rang, the real estate agent had a couple who would like to see the house Saturday at 11 am (laughter, joy & fun).

Then my control gene kicked in on overtime, now everything had to be cleared away: a bed discarded, boxes moved, 2 racks were moved from one place to another - and then I was in pain, a lot of pain. I couldn't move. and so it was the rest of the day. Not good at all.

Luckily our son-in-law came and moved a lot of boxes for us. He is fantastic. He does so much for us. When our son comes home from work today, Friday, he will help us. Saturday morning a good friend, will come and helps make the house presentable. She can turn anything and everything into someting nice!
I do not know what we would do without our family and good friends help.
We're surounded by so much love, that it lifts us up those days, where we fell we can't make it anymore.

Album with tags from Heidis Kreative Team Huleboer

I'm going to try to make one like this, just as a baby album,
for Mads' great-grandmother as a mothers day gift!

onsdag den 20. april 2016


There's not much to tell to day. I went to the doctor last week, to get an injektion in my knee, that doctor could not do it, so she referred me to another doctor in the same clinik - well, this doctor could not do it either, so I got a new appointment for next thursday - with nother doctor!!! The was not a great start of the day - but soon it will be better: Lars and I are going to babysit our grandson later. He's always a joy to be around. Meanwhile Miss Daisy is having a great day to day - there's no rain only a light breze and sunshine. So, she's out, watching out for us!

Miss Daisy

tirsdag den 19. april 2016

Dogs & Humans!

Are humans and dogs alike?

In at least one way, I think we are alike: None of us don't always understand what is good for us..
Right now it is 8 in the morning, and our little four-legged house guest, Miss Danisy, will not go out!
She can come on a walk or play in the garden. But It's raining, she stands trembling in the shadow of the house wall, as she looks up at me with a look that says, "but it's raining, do you really mean it?"
I know, she doesn't - but it feels that way. Suddenly she turns around and  quick as lightning, she is inside the house. In shelter from the rain.
Are we sometimes, spiritually, seaking shelter from the rain, instead of going out into it? 
We know it's good for us to take the first step out into the rain. Perhaps a step into the unknown. We are trembling and think to ourselves: "Do I really have to? Am I sure I want this challenge?". Sometimes we act like Miss Daisy, maybe because we're out of our comfordzone, we too turn around!
Other times, we take the first difficult steps  - and then we find out that it's not as bad as we thought and feared. The trip is beautiful!

Miss Daisy

søndag den 17. april 2016

Be an exemple!

Often I think of my life and the big decisions that I have taken.
What person or persons, if any, have affected my decisions, or did it come from myself?

An example could be, that for the past several years, many have stayed with us for a longer or shorter periods of time. They have never had to pay for living with us, nor for food.
Well-meaning friends have often said to us, as they did not understand this, that it was wrong of us. They just did not understand that our payment always was to se them recover from whatever challenge they were facing.

Christ said, dress the naked, give the poor food. He did not say, question if they have earned your help, and if you will find that they have - then help them. He spoke in the imperative form: Help them!
Why have we done, as we have have? Of of the goodness of our heart? Because we are Christians? Or because others have shown us kindness and been an example?
I think I can say yes to all of these questions.

While I lived in Sjælland, a family took me to heart. They were, like me, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as Mormons. They had 10 children among them, so one more or less did not matter, as they said with the warmest smile. 

I lived alone, far from home, so in the beginning they were, the only ones I really knew. 
They were what I called my foster parents.

They taught me about love in a family, to open up to others, to help even though it is not always convenient. They showed me a way of life, through their example that influenced me forever.

Did my husband and I take all these people into our home, based on a decision we alone took? No, because of an example shown us by others.

Often friend and family have nurtured us by their eksemple, trust and believe.

An example is a powerful feature. We can influence others, both negatively and positively.

But no matter what we do - we are an example of the core values we possess.

 New cards for Operationskrivhjem.dk

A diffrent Fathers day card!
To the left it is closed, to the right it is partly opend.
It is called a Twist & Turn card!

fredag den 15. april 2016

A great day!

Hi Everyone!
I hope your all fine and enjoying the weather. Here in Denmark, we've had a lot of rain.The weather is still very cold. 
Just like many others, I've got the flu and a cold.

There's not much to tell because I've been under the weather.

Lars was at the hospital for the final exams, and an interview. He will be called back in about 6 month month.

I'm not going to the pain clinik anymore, they have done what they can for me. 
A life with pain, is what I have to deal with!

Soon Mads is 1 year!                                                                                                                          
Is there anything better, than when a little child takes your hand?
This is Mads and grandfather Lars.

I have made 6 cards with the blue cookie monster for operationskrivhjem.dk

6 "Just for you" cards, also for operationskrivhjem.dk

I made this card to a little boy, who is a great fisher. 

tirsdag den 5. april 2016

Spring is here!

Oh boy, it's been a while since my last update.

Life has been busy, and on top of that, both Lars and I have not been feeling good at all.

I LOVE this time a year. Spring! 
Everything comes to life again. In my garden I have some roses I got last year.
Last year my daughter Grethe, called me and said that she was out shopping, and had seen these cheep roses (under $1 a peace, that is Dkr 5). I wanted 10 roses, thinking they would only last a seacon, being so cheep.

Such a suprise, such a wonder - now the first new leaves have unfoled! They are alife - and I'm rejoicing over these chep flowers.

This made me thinking...
Are we like these roses? Do we last only a seacon, and then wither away? 
Some might belive that, not me.

I belive we live again after death. That we, like these roses, through the Atonement of our oldest brother Jesus Christ, will be brought back to a caring and loving heavenlig Father - who til rejoice over our homecoming. There, we will live again.

I love theSE two, so I had to make yet nother card with them.
The cemtiment is French: J'adove (I love)
The motive is from Mo Manning Jack and Ginger.html

My first pop-up box.
Motive is from Stampin' Up: Wetland

My first "flower in a pot" - card.
A greeting or a centimet can be written on the white part, that goes in the pot!

1 month old - where did the time go???

Mads with his mother, our daughter, Grethe

Mads with me